Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Of Common Sense

How to maintain vacuum cleaner in the right way?

1, when using the vacuum cleaner, be careful not to make the suction inlet plug, otherwise it will cause motor overload and damage the motor.

2, when using the vacuum cleaner, please note that to install dust filter bag to prevent dust entering the motor unit.

3, please do not use the vacuum cement, gypsum, plaster and other small particles, otherwise it will cause a vacuum cleaner filter dust bag or filter blockage, the motor is burnt out, and so on.

4, when cleaning the vacuum cleaner, use water or neutral detergent a damp cloth, do not use gasoline or banana water, otherwise it will result in cracking or discoloration of the shell.

5, please do not use the cleaner detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, dust, sewage water wet, matches and other items.

6, please do not let the vacuum cleaner too close to the fire and other high temperature places.

7, do not vacuum water or other liquids, no rinse cleaner.

8, when you need to clean or repair vacuum cleaners as well as when you do not use the vacuum cleaner, and unplug the power plug, do not pull the power cord.


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