The Selection Of Washing Machines

Pressure washer through the power unit (motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine) high-pressure plunger pumps and high-pressure water to clean surface of the machine. It can strip the dirt, washed away, achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface. Because it is using a high pressure water jet cleaning dirt, so high pressure cleaning is recognized worldwide as the most scientific, economic, environmentally-friendly cleaning method. Can be classified according to use and process requirements can be divided into:-cold water, hot water, gasoline engine-style, on special occasions there are explosion-proof, food industry and so on.

Divides according to the water temperature, high pressure cleaner cold water high pressure cleaners hot water pressure washer and two categories. The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water cleaning machine adding a heating device, usually by burning cylinder heats the water. Use hot water quickly washed NET large amounts of cold water easy to wash the dirt and grease, cleaning efficiency is improved. But often because the washer high prices and high operating costs, most users may select the normal cold water high pressure cleaner to increase cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, of course, there are also many professional customers will choose the hot water washing machine.


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