Intelligent Robot Development Promoted By Industry

Robots for more than 50 years of development, Intelligent robot development how? and what areas it will have in the future a breakthrough? this article summarizes the robot industry systematically answers these questions. Lei feng's network believes that this article is for the robotics industry will benefit.

Since 1959, the first industrial robot in the world since the advent of "robot learning" has made significant achievements, and started in the manufacturing, service, healthcare/medical, defense, space and other areas widely used.

In 2013, the McKinsey Global Institute released the report on disruptive technologies lead the global economic change, to include Advanced Robotics in 12 technology. "Robot revolution" is expected to become the "third industrial revolution" an entry point and an important growth point, will affect the global manufacturing strategy.

Four power-driven industry

First, the manufacturing labor force prices higher and higher, while prices are getting lower, companies need to use the robot to change the traditional manufacturing industries rely on cheap labour-intensive modes of production;

Second, human life expectancy and quality of life and higher and less human resources capable of providing aging services, humans need to use intelligent machines and equipment to provide quality services;

Third, natural and man-made disasters and wars are still frequent and humans is difficult to adapt to this type of environment, humans need robots instead of people to carry out its tasks;

Finally, human exploration of extreme environments such as deep sea, space activities have become increasingly frequent, and human life in this kind of environment with low cost and high job requires the use of robots for remote interaction.

Machinery used to enlarge and extend people's limbs, computers use to enhance the functions of the human brain, the use of robots will greatly extend human ability, robotic era is coming.

Traditional and modern needs of different


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