High Pressure Cleaner

General information on the various models:

• Only in the low pressure mode, pressure washer to absorb cleaning agents. Please select on the spray bar and low pressure mode (see the user manual).

• Clean the filters located on the suction hose

Model: k-502 m, 502 MS, 520 m, 550 m, 550 MS:

K 502 M, 502 MS, 520 M, 550 M, 550 MS

• Turn the filter on the suction hose clockwise, you can adjust the detergent flow rate.

Models: Models k 620 m, 630 m, 630 MS, 650 m, 650 MS, 670 m, 670 MS, 720 Mx, 720 MXS:

K 620 M, 630 M, 630 MS, 650 M, 650 MS, 670 M, 670 MS, 720 Mx, 720 MXS

• You can find the detergent adjustment knob on the machine (refer to the user manual), turn adjustment knob.

• You can also use the knob sets the amount loaded.


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