Crystallization Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology

Carpet is the third largest floor material (marble, carpet, wood flooring) in the top floor. Carpet cleaning in appearance related to the hotel and the hotel's reputation, carpet efficiency relates to the use of the hotel's cost and effectiveness. Therefore, efficient carpet cleaning and proper maintenance of the hotel's operation has a very important meaning.

Hotel carpet cleaning includes: daily care (cleaning, removing stains), regular cleaning, deep processing, and so on. Hotel carpet deep cleaning about 2 times a year, clean in 6 to 8 times a year is appropriate. Carpet cleaning job with headache is the PA departments. Domestic carpet cleaning in one basic use rubbing machine with electronic beating high bubble cleaning methods, this method on operator demands higher skills, clean carpets dry after a long, cumbersome procedures should not be controlled. Practical work, most of the hotels in the carpet after cleaning rinse this part is omitted. Result in carpet cleaning carpet fibers after high detergent residue on the surface, leading to extreme dust, leading to increased cleaning frequency as the number of carpet cleaning and continues to increase.

Hotel carpet cleaning new technological innovation is full of longing, carpet cleaning revolution upon us. Crystal Karcher carpet dry cleaning technology in this context was introduced into China. Karcher's patented technology is the crystallization carpet dry cleaning, have been widely used for more than 10 years in North America and Europe, is a very mature technology. By the way, in Europe and the United States is not clean the machine with an electronic beating case in this kind of carpet cleaning method, because it is neither economic nor environmental protection.


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