Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet and cloth upholstered furniture is usually the highlight of the room, adding comfortable pleasant atmosphere to space. Proper cleaning and maintenance in enhanced comfort while reducing space dust and allergens, particularly suitable for heavy use carpet occasion. Therefore, need to develop a specific cleaning of dirt or stains and care programmes, to extend the value of carpet. Brand leader in the global clean-Germany Karcher helps customers for different types and strength design of dirt and stains the right solution.

Karcher carpet cleaning machine with fast dry characteristics, such as Karcher Puzzi series carpet cleaner powerful engine enables rapid drying of carpet. Compared with traditional products, carpet drying faster 63%, can be used again in a short time. Spray extraction cleaning method is used, the water and detergent is sprayed into the carpet deep finish vacuuming, and removal of stains are the same pipe as well as complete and rapid drying process.

Washing the carpets are of a very high technical requirements, cleaning carpets have roughly the following notes:

1. before cleaning carpet, should be the first area to be washed items removed or moved out of the carpet.

2. wash thoroughly vacuuming the carpet.

3. check whether the carpet stains, if any should be subject to stains.

4. check whether the detergent meets the requirements, Kärcher cleaning agents to bring you are assured of quality assurance, such as RM760, RM760 tablets and RM772 deep clean fiber function. Effective gentle cleaning that carpet looks new and clean.

5. use high soaks the rug after washing with water, and sewage NET with extractors, easy to dry the carpet.

6. cleaning area air conditioning air flow at maximum or using an electric hair dryer to the ventilation carpet dry; room after washing the corridor carpet, to put in some scrap sheets, to avoid further contamination.


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