You easily and quickly maintain Sweeper

1, first of all we should inspect the sweeper brush seal integrity and degree of wear, to wear more serious seals and roller brush be replaced, but when replacing also check connection tightness, and use the appropriate tools to be tensioned.

2, open the sweeper cover, for oil pollution the more serious part, we must also use special cleaning agents, to clean it up.

3, focus on sweeping machine collection dust box, filters, repair work focused cleaning for contamination more serious parts. Adjust and damaged filters should be replaced.

4, the use of special lubricating oils, sweeping machine the bearing lubrication, brake systems and fuel type Sweeper needs to do the replacement of the engine oil, to ensure that the bearing lubrication no rust.

5, check Sweeper wear characteristics of each line, and depending on the severity of the wear for replacement and repair, ensure that the circuit is not short circuit occurs and so on.


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