Lazy artifact, sweep the robot which better?

A, UV disinfection

If you were just sweeping robots as intelligent a sweeping tool to look at, that wrong is wrong. As small series mentioned in the preceding article, may unknowingly, a good sweeping robots will be able to wear several hats, and help you to remove all the invisible killer such as bacteria, dust mites in your home. Germicidal lamps on the market mainly cold cathodes and hot cathode in two, in contrast, cold cathode lamp last longer, more power, in the area of sterilization effect can be described as a double. Proscenic (Pu Sang Nick) sweeping robots using cold cathode ultraviolet germicidal lamps, UV shortwave 253.7nm UV light like the Sun, be able to 5 seconds without harm to human health and damage the DNA of the bacteria and viruses the system, allowing them to complete loss of reproductive capacity, a comprehensive family health care.


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